How we do it


Data, experience & analytics = Success.

How we bet for success

The team at utilise the racing smarts contained within Australia and Hong Kong’s leading horse racing software and database Axis which was developed by


Maintenance of the bespoke data contained within the Axis database requires a large ongoing investment of capital and human resources. The database which now houses 10 years of corrected data, powers all wagering trading decisions made by the team at


The trading team led by Paul Daily define each horses chance for an upcoming race by applying adjustments to an assigned Wholistic Quality Rating (WQR) from which accurate winning probability assessments are made. These adjustments are formulated from a combination of data and other IP assets that are not readily available within the public domain.


Armed with these accurate probability assessments, the team can move quickly to identify the best horses/races in which to target and extract the value via our own inhouse trading software platform. This then enables any quantity of bet combinations to be wagered in seconds very late into a mature and informed pooled market.

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