The details


Information about our multi-player trade fund/syndicate.

Next trade

Our next available Trade Fund / Syndicate is planned to commence trading September 2022. THIS TRADE FUND IS CURRENTLY PARTIALLY ALLOCATED.  

Minimum buy-in

The minimum buy-in is AUD$250,000. The maximum buy-in is AUD$1,750,000.

Minimum player duration

Each player must play a minimum of one trading session. Each Hong Kong racing season will consist of (1) trading session.

Win and/or capital distributions

At the completion of each trading session (approximately 46 weeks), player balances (which equate to any buy-in amounts and the relevant share of any net winnings) are settled to client bank accounts in full. It is your responsibility to ensure that you provide us with accurate banking details for the purpose of any financial transfers.


All rebates on eligible bets, up to twelve percent (12%), form part of the total revenue.


Paul Daily will risk a minimum of AUD$250,000 in each trade fund/syndicate. Other staff of may also participate. Our interests are aligned toward success.

Full transparency

Detailed and regular reporting to members.

Register your interest

Postal Address: PO Box 323, Samford QLD 4520

Business Hours: 9am to 5pm AEST (UTC/GMT+10 hours)